Welcome to the Center

The Community Services Center is a non-profit organization that provides a support network of counseling, activities, events, cross-cultural education, and information services to meet the needs of the whole international community in Taipei and throughout Taiwan.


Dear Friends of the Center,

Thank you for being a friend and supporter of The Center.

We are writing to ask for your further support. In 2020, we provided over 6,650
counseling sessions to over 770 clients in need and organized over 85 cross-cultural
and other activities for over 850 people in the expatriate and third culture communities
in Taiwan.  While The Center has weathered the COVID situation to date, it is becoming
increasingly difficult to fund our counseling, activities, and events. 

We ask you to consider a financial donation to The Center.   Donations can be made in the name of The Center in cash, by credit card, wire transfer or any other method that is convenient for you. Please visit our “Donate” page or read more about our End of Year Fundraising.  

Thank you for your friendship and support of The Center.  We very much appreciate
your continued interest in our operations and activities.

Best regards,

Ruu-Tian Lawrence        Adam McMillan
Board Chair                      Executive Director