Adoption Home Study

If you are interested in having a home study conducted at the Community Services Center, please email us at or call The Center at 02-2836-8134.

Before you begin a home study we strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with the international adoption laws and regulations of your home country.  When you are ready to begin your home study we will set up a meeting for you at the Center.  The home study will require a minimum of four visits, one of which will be a home visit.  There are also 10 hours of required pre-adoptive parent training.  These courses may be taken online via Adoption Learning Partners   If you are adopting a child in Taiwan the adoption education requirement is 18 hours.

The home study process takes approximately three to four months from the start date depending upon the time required to obtain all necessary documentation.

Services and Fees:

  • Pre-Adoptive Counseling Session:  3,500 NTD.  This is the first step in moving towards a home study.  This is an opportunity to ask initial questions and help you begin the home study.  The 3,500 NTD fee will be deducted from the total home study fee of 70,000 NTD if you move forward with a full home study.
  • Home Study:  $70,000 NTD.   Families are asked to pay the first half at the beginning of the home study process and the second half is due upon completion of the home study.  For US Citizens there is an additional fee that needs to be paid directly to the adoption agency in the USA. US citizens must gain the approval of a US-based adoption agency in order to satisfy US immigration requirements for adoption as set by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
  • Full Home Study Update:  45,000 NTD. A full update to your original or previous home study is completed in the following circumstances:  1)  your previous home study was done by another agency and not by the Community Services Center; 2)  your previous home study was completed in another country; or 3)  there have been significant changes in your family situation since the previous home study.
  • Partial Home Study Update: 25,000 NTD. If your original home study was completed by the Center and/or there has been little change in your family situation.
  • Post-Placement Visit:  10,000 NTD per visit and includes a report for your adoption agency.  Families are generally required to participate in and least two post-placement visits after placement of an adopted child.

Travel Expenses:  Adoptive families are responsible for the social worker’s travel costs (taxi within Taipei, train, airfare, etc. outside of Taipei).