August Cover Photo

August 10, 2015 Beth V 0

Taiwan Has Flower Power It is a little known fact to many foreigners that Taiwan has a flourishing flora-culture industry, due to its excellent topography […]

June/July Cover Photo

May 29, 2015 Beth V 0

Here is a continuation of the cover insert description for the Laomei Algal Reef. Laomei Algal Reef is one of the more popular scenic tourist […]

May Cover Photo

May 6, 2015 Beth V 0

Dihua Street is located in the Dadaocheng areas of the Datong District of Taipei. Given its close proximity to the river, it remains an important […]

Where in the World is COT

May 1, 2015 Beth V 0

  Centered on Taiwan (COT) continues to attract a wide  readership here on Taiwan and internationally. Our ‘dream team’ became curious about where COT traveled, […]