Hike to Mt. Shamao

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Mt. Shamao, which reaches a height of 634 meters, is a parasitic volcano cone. Its round, bell shape was formed by the slow-flowing, highly viscous lava that erupted from Mt. Qixing, and the depression in its center is the result of lava in the crater contracting as it cooled. In Chinese shamao means “gauze cap,” and Mt. Shamao gets its name because of its strong resemblance to the black gauze headgear worn by Chinese officials in dynastic times. Among the historic sites we will see along the way are the tomb of the grandmother of Qing Dynasty scholar Chen Xia-Lin, the Chen-He boundary stone, and Prince’s Pavilion; along the trail you can also see tree species planted during the Japanese occupation, including Taiwan cherry and Formosan sweet gum. This hike is about 4.5K, with a 227M elevation change. Much of the hike is along a stone-paved trail and relatively flat. However, there are steep steps (about 1KM) that we will take to climb up one side of the mountain and then back down another set, making this hike possibly challenging for beginners but moderate for regular hikers. Step haters, beware! Please wear proper footwear—shoes with a good grip are best. Bring your Easy Card; and water, lunch and sun/rain/insect protection as needed. .

Instructor: Dory Chung

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