NEW DATE! Tiger Mountain to Nangang Hike

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Join Jennifer for a hike up Tiger Mountain to enjoy some amazing views of Taipei. From the MRT, we will walk about 1K to reach the trailhead where this moderately strenuous hike begins.We will climb up a set of stairs to reach a lookout for our first view of the city below. From there we will follow a flat stone pathway across the mountain and then go up some stone steps. Halfway up this trail, there is a small wooden village with lots of trinkets. After a brief stop, we will climb more stairs that will bring us to the well-used Sishoushan Trail. We will follow the trail and make our way over to Nangang, enjoying some wonderful views of the city along the way. At the trail’s end, we will catch a bus for the short ride back to the MRT. This hike requires a reasonable level of fitness. Wear hiking shoes with a good grip. Bring your EASYCARD, water, snacks and sun/rain protection.

Instructor: Jennifer Turek


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