Charities in Taipei

We are often asked for a list of charities in Taipei, where you can donate time, clothing, furniture, or skills, and there are many charities in Taipei, that are in need of a helping hand or donations. We try to keep this list updated however, as the day only has 24 hours, then please contact the charities with your intentions.

A helping hand is always needed at charities in Taipei, therefore if you have time, please do not hesitate to contact any of these charities to find out how you can help. We have listed a few ways for you to donate without having it be a cash donation.

Please donate your time or your skills

Volunteers partially run numerous charities in Taipei, and it is a great way for you to meet new friends, as well as working for a cause. By donating your time you can contribute to the community, which to many charities are just as priceless as your money. Your time can be spent helping out physically at the charity e.g. walking a dog, helping at a soup kitchen, or being the front desk volunteer like we have at the Center. (Read more about volunteering at the Center)

Are you creative or have a special skill that you would like to share with others then you could offer that service to the charity for free, so the charity could benefit from your skill. Many charities have specialized needs but cannot afford dedicated staff.

Donate physical items

As a hotspot for the international community, we are often asked where to donate furniture, toys, and items of clothing when you are about to move away from Taiwan. We know that some charities do accept donated goods, such as shoes, clothes, shoes, furniture, and even cars, however, we must stress to contact the charities with your intent, before donating any physical items. It is always better to give to a good cause instead of throwing it out and is also well aligned to the spirit of the Taiwanese people. (We are experiencing fewer charities that will accept physical good therefore please contact the charities to coordinate)

Organize a drive or raise funds on behalf of a charity

If you have a passion for certain charities, e.g. dogs, and plenty of time on your hands as a spouse of an expat, an idea could be to organize a drive to gather donations for your favorite charity. If you are working, but willing to help a charity then you could organize a food drive at your work, a bake sale at your children's school, or a carwash in your neighborhood. Remember it just takes one person to get the ball rolling.

There are so many ways to raise funds, both on and offline. You can organize a local collection, a hike, a bake sale, share your favorite causes on social media, and donate your birthday on Facebook(if you have an account from outside of Taiwan), and start fundraising as well, or participating in a sponsored walk/run. If you have a network of caring people and some hustle, you can raise a hefty donation.

We do hope you feel like donating to the many charities in Taipei, so many are in need and so much can be done with a little willingness, enthusiasm, and time.

Download a complete PDF of the Charities in Taipei  , that we are familiar with, or see below. Please contact the charities before donating.



ACT was founded in 1999 by Sean McCormack. The UK registered charity, rescues dogs and other animals in Taiwan, treats them, and then sets them up for releasing, rehoming, or providing them with lifelong sanctuary.

Founded in 2004, Animals Taiwan is a nationally registered non-profit organization made up of concerned individuals, both locals and expatriates, dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in Taiwan.

Tzu Chi Foundation was established in 1966 by Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen on the poor east coast of Taiwan. Over the years, the foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in Taiwan and around the world.

Cathwel Service is an organization that supports single mothers, underprivileged pregnant women, disabled children and the adoption (domestic and international) of newborns, preteens and teenagers. Cathwel Service also provides education, employment opportunities, medical care and other services to these individuals to help them write their own life stories.

In October 2002, the Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association was created by Ms. Alice Jin-Fang Hung, now serving as the secretary general, to address concerns about children’s rights and to oversee the development of children’s homes nationwide.

Christian Salvation Service is a registered non profit social service organization in Taiwan and a registered not-for-profit 501 c3 organization in the United States.  CSS was established in 1983 and our goal is to continue to save and enrich lives. In so doing we strive to show the love of God to all we meet by both our work quality and our personal faith.

The Garden of Hope Foundation is a non-government, non-profit group established in 1988 to help disadvantaged girls and young women, especially girls caught in the sex industry, survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and survivors of human trafficking. Many of our clients have been subjected to more than one form of abuse.


Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation offers services to women and children in crisis, unfortunate girls, children who witnessed violence, high-risk youths, dropouts, abandoned and abused children, single parents, foreign spouses and their families, aboriginal families, and victims of human-trafficking.

Harmony Home Foundation, Taiwan is a non-profit organization founded by Ms. Nicole Yang in 2011, who began to help people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) since 1986. We are committed to providing shelter, care, treatment access and support for people living with and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Taiwan.

Established in 1952, Holy Word Children’s Home helps orphans and children in need grow and realize their full potential through creating a loving and nurturing environment.

Make-A-Wish Taiwan strives to fulfill thousands of life-changing wishes to children battling critical illnesses. Wishes that give families hope through dark times, strength to persevere and experiences that forever change their lives. The foundation has a goal each year of reaching 10,000 fulfilled wishes.

TAS’ Orphanage Club has existed for half a century now, heading into its 50th year of being active. Founded with the mission to aid the underprivileged communities in Taipei and the world, OC has always abided to its mission, though financial donations and compassionate interactions.

Making a better world for unwanted and abused animals – P.A.C.K is People for Animal Care and Kindness, a dedicated animal welfare and rescue organization in northern Taiwan. The organization specializes in rescuing animals that are suffering greatly or in grave danger. Currently, they care for more than 345 dogs. They provide animals with the best care possible while educating the public regarding critical animal rights and welfare issues. ​

Ray of Hope is a Christian organization dedicated to promoting the sanctity of life, teaching sexual purity, and bringing restoration to women in the midst of a crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy or a previous abortion.

For over 40 years, St. Anne’s Home strives to be the best Catholic institution that provides shelter for people with severe intellectual disabilities through their holistic and excellent professional services rooted in the spirit of its founder, St. Vincent.

Taiwan Women’s Center hopes to witness the development of gender equality in Taiwan, to initiate the new era of women’s movement and gender equality, and to move toward the new era of equal participation of women and men in all decision-making processes for all Taiwanese women.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) is an international non-governmental organization who provides support to vulnerable children and their families and has its headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. From the financial support through foreign donors in the very early beginning, they are now a self-independent organization whose mission and vision still remains on the consideration of needy children’s benefits. They are helping children in dire need in Taiwan and worldwide all through the contribution and donation from the public.

Ti-Hwei Children’s Home aims to foster and support underprivileged children/orphans and provide them with the education required to thrive in society.

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Catholic Kuang Jen Social Welfare Foundation aims to nurture and support kids with physical and mental disabilities through their holistic care programs.