Charity Drive for Christian Salvation Services


The Center will begin collecting a wishlist of items this December to help our friends at the Christian Salvation Services (CSS). The items that they need the most are listed below but of course any donation (including cash) is welcome and appreciated. The collection will run through December 15th.

CSS  has developed an active child rescue program and children’s shelter to assure the safety and proper care for children who for whatever reason are relinquished for adoption by their parent or who are wards of the government. CSS also provides respite care for infants in high risk family situations.

“Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first.”

CRIB TOYS Such as:

crib-toy-1 crib-toy-2crib-toy-3

FORMULA Preferred: 

Enfagrow A+ Step 3 (1-3 years & above)
Enfamil A+ Stage 1 (0-6 months)
Nutramigen LGG for Cow’s Milk Allergy (0-12 months)






Quaker Rice Flour Formula


FOOD Such as:

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