Children’s Day Activities

Children’s Day 2019 Activities in Greater Taipei

South Taipei Fun Carnival 2019

South Taipei Fun Carnival 2019 will begin with a two-month exhibition “Hello, Good 100” to trace a hundred years of business, trade and brands in GACC Space No.1. On April 4th and April 5th, Spring Book Bazaar will invite local venues, independent publishers, zine creators and second-hand book archive from Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government. Mizo Games will design a large outdoor table games area with plus-size experiences and latest game previews. GACC welcomes families and young generations to enjoy books and table games in this cultured area.

On the same dates, Spring So Good Market will happen in Nanhai Academy, inviting organic farmers and animal rights groups to connect producers with consumers, and promote life education.

South Taipei Melodies will be located in Nanhai Academy and Guling Street. Multiple celebrities will talk about their South Taipei stories in a radio program, and reveal their music playlists in their young memories.

Experience Taipei City in Music, Theater, and Films

In front of Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, children theater troupes will perform South Taipei Fun Theater. Starlight Cinema in evenings will screen old movies in traditional methods, and bring us back in history. Events will also extend to Central Taipei, connecting with centennial celebration for Office of the President heritage building. On April 6th, live music performances on the plaza will review music recollections on this island to enrich this Spring Break.

Taking a Stroll in South Taipei also continues this year. Taipei Walking Tour will design two routes in South Taipei and Central Taipei during the long weekend to introduce history and life in Taipei. Guide tours will be available in Mandarin, English and Japanese, and a special version is designed for family audience to learn about this city in games. Besides these events, South Taipei Fun Carnival will also partner with local stores and venues to celebrate local history and culture around the corner. For details, visit GACC website: or on Facebook at