From Traditional to Trendy, Taipei’s Most Popular Downtown Food Markets

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This tour takes place in a traditional market area teeming with fish and seafood vendors. Our first stop is at Binjiang Market, one of the city's main wholesale fruit and vegetable markets. Binjiang caters to Taipei's many local chefs and is also a favorite of foodies and home cooks. It offers a wide array of reasonably priced fruit, vegetables and specialty items. Then we will explore the neighboring outdoor markets where we can taste some of the local snacks on offer. Moving from the traditional to the modern, our next stop is a popular and trendy market, Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD). AAD features ten distinct areas: a live seafood section, two restaurants, a prepared food area for delicious meals to go, and a huge 12-meter, stand-up sushi and sashimi bar. Staying on after the tour for lunch (not included) is optional, but highly recommended.

Instructor: Ivy Chen

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