Sandiaoling Waterfall Hike

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This is a lovely hike through the forest to see three beautiful waterfalls.The trail itself is along dirt paths. There are two rope bridges that we will need to cross, 1-2 people at a time (don’t worry, it’s not high up!!). We will admire the first waterfall (Hegu Waterfall) from a distance. The second waterfall (Motian Waterfall) has a viewing platform and sometimes you will see people swimming in the pool under the falls. The third waterfall (Pipa Cave Waterfall) is where we will stop for a lunch break. For those looking for a bit more adventure, we can climb up (about 5-10 minutes) to the top of the third waterfall for another excellent view. Wear sturdy shoes with a good grip; bring your EASYCARD for the train; and lunch, water and rain/sun protection.

Instructor: Jennifer Turek

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