Trash to Treasure: Let’s Re-Frame It! A Creative Upcycling Workshop

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We all know we can't keep on trashing our planet. Trash is something utterly unnatural and only exists in the human world. In nature, everything is recycled. So let's change our relationship with trash and become part of the solution and not part of the pollution. In this fun workshop we will upcycle discarded frames using old fabrics, and other recycled materials to turn them into objects of art, ready to have a new life. Patricia will guide you step by step to create some fun and beautiful art works. Unleash your creativity and be ready to cut, rip, glue and paint. We will provide a frame for each participant and fabric scraps, acrylic paints and other recyclable materials plus all necessary tools. Participants may also bring suitable items from home to repurpose in this workshop.

Instructor: Patricia Kortmann


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