SUNDAY AT THE CENTER! Stories of Dadaocheng: A Historic Walking Tour

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The Dadaocheng District was one of the first settled areas of Taipei. In recent years, the area has seen significant gentrification, but between its modern window coverings and tiles there are plenty of relics from a grander past. This tour will explore the area's mansions and shophouses, many hidden off the main tourist routes. It will trace the stories of the first residents of Taipei and the sometimes chaotic events that shaped their lives. We'll start just outside the old north gate of the city and wind our way through old alleys and lanes, ending at the site of one of the city's first bridges. Tom, known for his amazing hand-drawn maps of Taiwan's cities and neighborhoods, has walked every inch of this area (and drawn it too). He will use his extensive collection of maps, photos, and drawings to help bring the past to life. This tour ends at the Daqiaotou MRT Station.

Instructor: Tom Rook

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