Hike and Bike: Jiantanshan to Wenjianshan and the Riverside Park Path

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Our meeting point of Jiantan MRT station is a very busy place, but right after we start on the Jiantanshan trail you will feel like you have entered a different world. From up on the mountain we will see Taipei 101, the riverside park, the Ferris wheel at Miramar, and a popular spot with locals called the "Old Place,” where people go to watch the airplanes taking off from Songshan airport. From Jiantanshan we will then hike to Weijian Shan. The trail is moderate but with many stairs in some parts. Later we will descend down to the Dazhi area and rent U-bikes. We will bike along the river back to the Jiantan MRT station. It’s a flat and easy ride. Please register for U-Bike use before joining this trip. Wear hiking shoes with a good grip. Bring your EASYCARD, water, snacks, a helmet and rain/sun/protection.

Instructor: Dory Chung

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