Seeking Heavenly and Traditional Methods of Protection: A Visit to Bao An Gong and a Local Chinese Medicine Shop

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With more than 200 years of history, Bao An Gong is one of the most important temples in Taipei. In 2003, the temple received a UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Conservation Award. Bao An Gong is dedicated to the Taoist folk religious deity the Bao Sheng Lord, a Chinese god of medicine. Before western medicine was widely accepted, early residents of Taipei prayed to the Bao Sheng Lord for good health and sought remedies for their ailments. Join Helen for a fascinating tour of this temple to learn how health and wellness have been long interlinked in Chinese religious culture. To complement this temple tour, we will also visit a nearby Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop. There we will learn about Chinese medicine and sample some local Taiwanese dishes prepared with TCM herbs. Bring your EASYCARD for the public bus ride to the TCM shop. Tasting included. 

Instructor: Helen Chen

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