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This is Elephant Mountain but not as you know it! The hike begins with a walk through Fuyang Eco Park up to Fujhoushan. We then join the Taipei Grand Trail which will take us over Zhongpushan with some great views of Taipei. Walking up through a bamboo grove to the top of the Tiaomi historic trail, we will walk along the ridge to Muzhishan. Here we can enjoy panoramic 360 degree views of Taipei and the surrounding mountains. The trails, mostly along well-used dirt paths or steps, are usually full of life and you can often spot magpies, eagles, barbets, spiders, and lizards. We can watch the sunset from here and then make our way down the mountain in the twilight to Six Rocks, the famous photo-taking spot on Elephant Mountain for some great night views of the city. It's quite a strenuous hike of about 8 km and you do need to be prepared for uphill stretches. However, once we finish at Xiangshan MRT station, you're well-placed to reward yourself with a drink or dinner near the Taipei 101! Wear sturdy shoes with good grip; bring a flashlight, water, snacks and rain/sun/insect protection as needed. 

Instructor: Lucy Torres

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