Houtong Cat Village

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Built during the Japanese-occupied era, Houtong was once a rich coal mining town. During the 1990’s with the decline of the coal industry in Taiwan, the town also saw its own decline. Then in 2008 one of the cat-loving residents started taking care of the town’s many stray cats. She posted photos on Facebook and created a sensation around Taiwan. Now, Houtong is known as the island’s official cat village where more than 200 felines live happily with the town’s inhabitants. Taking advantage of the town’s newfound popularity there is now a nice selection of shops, cafés and relaxing places for tourists to enjoy, in addition to some old, well-preserved mining facilities. Tucked into the hills of Northern Taiwan, Houtong is worth the trip for the scenery alone. Join Jennifer for this fun day out of Taipei. Center staff recommend the cat-themed coffee, cream puffs and cupcakes from one of the local cafés! Bring your EasyCard for the local train ride to and from the village.

Instructor: Jennifer Turek

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