Tianyuan Temple and Tamsui Tour

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Are you ready to explore two of the locals' favorite destinations? Meeting at Zhishan MRT, we will take the metro to Tamsui. There we will get a local bus to Tianyuan Temple. This is an impressive Taoist temple dedicated to the Jade Emperor and a very popular spot for cherry blossom viewing. Circular in design, Tianyuan's five levels offer amazing views of the area below. Be ready to climb more than 200 steps to get to the top! Once we've explored the temple we'll take the bus back to Tamsui and wander along the waterfront. We can look at the small souvenir shops, buy a seafood snack or an ice cream and enjoy the views of the river. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring your EasyCard, water and sun/rain protection as needed.

Instructor: Heather Lowder

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