SATURDAY AT THE CENTER! Guishan Island and Dolphin Watching Tour

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Wanting to do something different at the weekend? Here's your chance to explore Guishan, the island just off the coast of Yilan, which is called Turtle island because of its shape. The tour starts at Songshan station where we will take a train to Toucheng and then, after a short taxi ride to the harbour, we'll get on a boat and set off on a dolphin hunt. You can usually see them leaping about in large numbers. The boat also goes around the island so we catch sight of the different rock formations. Guishan is actually an active volcano, so watch out for the smell of sulphur! We will also walk around the island and look at the abandoned village and the ruins of the military station. A boating adventure with dolphins and dramatic scenery, what more could you ask for? The tour ends on the train back to Taipei around 6:00pm. Please note due to the nature of the trip, tour times could change. Bring your EasyCard for the train and change for the taxis. Don't forget water, packed lunch and rain/sun protection.

Instructor: Jennifer Turek

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