Taiwanese “Snacks” from Tainan

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When many of us think of snack foods, we might find ourselves at odds with what a Taiwanese friend or officemate may have in mind. In this class, Ivy will introduce us to a couple of her favorite "snacks" from her hometown of Tainan: Danzai Noodle Soup and Oyster Omelets, both popular at food courts, street and night markets. Danzai noodles were originally sold by local Tainan fishermen, sometimes carried on shoulder poles, during the slow seasons when bad weather made fishing too dangerous. What makes these delicious noodles a snack instead of an entrée, is the smaller portion that one is served. To round out our snacking experience, Ivy will also treat you to her version of Sweet Ice Cream Spring Rolls, which you can find in places like the waterfront near Guandu Temple and many outdoor family venues.

Instructor: Ivy Chen

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