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In 2014 we saw record growth in the counseling services, conducting 5075 sessions and answered 42 crisis calls. 58% of the clients we saw paid a fee that was below our minimum costs to hold the session, and each of the crisis incurred considerable costs that cannot be recouped.. Now more than ever we need you support to continue to help everyone who asks, regardless of their ability to pay.

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. A parent dies, our bodies change or work becomes intolerable. These are every day occurrences that can impair a person's ability to function. They are also areas that our team of counselors can help you to work through.

The ethos of the Center is that we will help anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay or not. Our first response to a counseling need is, 'How can we help?' The NT$1,000,000 loss that I mentioned above represents all those we have served who could not afford the cost of their counseling services. This figure also represents the costs associated with the 17 emergency crisis calls that came into the Center.

Therefore, I am appealing to you to help keep our Center's doors open, not shut by helping to close the budget gap that now exists. If 200 individuals donated NT$2,000 that would eliminate half of the shortfall...if 1,000 individuals donated NT$2,000 those donations would allow us to re-invest in the Center and the lives of those associated with it. Won't you please give?

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