Community Leadership

The Community Leadership Awards started in 2005 with an award for an individual. In 2006, the Corporate Award was added.  In 2019 both prices became Community Service Award, and these awards are given to highlight and reward outstanding commitment and service to the community.

The specific criteria for these awards are:

Corporate Award

Granted to an organization which demonstrates:

  • Consistent support to a range of charities over time
  • Active support of (personal involvement in) the organizations to which they have made a commitment
  • Support to the Community Services Center or other social service agencies

Individual Award

Granted to an individual who has demonstrated:

  • Consistent community service beyond the obligations of their primary role
  • Leadership in this service
  • Active support to the Community Services Center

The previous receivers are:

2020 Individual: Ping Chu
2019 Corporate: AMCHAM
2019 Individual: Fred Voigtmann
2018 Corporate: Santa Fe Relocation
2018 Individual: Kenny Cheng
2017 Corporate: Carrefour
2017 Individual: Doris Brougham
2016 Corporate: Camp Taiwan
2016 Individual: Mayumi Hu
2015: Corporate: Wonderland Nurserygoods Co., LTD.
2015: Individual: Suming and Anna Chang
2014: Corporate: IKEA
2014: Individual: Bill and Lisa West
2013: Corporate: Hao Ran Foundation
2013: Individual: Alice Ballard
2012: Corporate: Crown Worldwide (Taiwan) Ltd.
2012: Individual: Faye Angevine
2011: Corporate: COSTCO Wholesale Taiwan
2011: Individual: Dale Holmgren
2010: Corporate: Standard Chartered Bank
2010: Individual: Roma Mehta
2009: Corporate: Hyatt Hotel
2009: Individual: Siew Kang
2008: Corporate: 3M
2008: Individual: Dick Arnold
2007: Corporate: CAPCO
2007: Individual: David Dea
2006: Corporate: HSBC
2006: Individual: Guy Wittich
2005: Mark Ulfers