No. 25, Lane 290 Zhong Shan North Rd., Sec. 6 Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

Address in Chinese:

(02) 2836-8134 · 2838-4947 Fax: (02) 2835-2530

After Hours Counseling Line: (09)3259-4578 (5 pm. – 12 am.)
(do not use this number to make appointments)


Office Hours:
9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Please note that The Community Services Center will be closed for all non-counseling services, during the holidays from December 18, 2021, to January 02, 2022, We will be back at the office on January 03, 2022.

We wish you all to spend quality time with your family and friends, and most importantly, to take time for you! We send you our best wishes for health and happiness!

Happy holidays to all!

However, you can still sign up for tours and classes online

Should you wish to book counseling during this time, then please email