Our Mission

One of the Center’s main functions is to assist newly arrived members of the international community and we have done this through our publications, ongoing activities program, privately arranged cross-cultural training and daily assistance we provide to people who come to the Center. Our goal is to help newcomers as they settle into their new homes and successfully adapt because they will have valuable information about living here.

The nomadic and trans-cultural community need support during unique challenges outside of transitional times. Through our workshop, individual training and coaching programs, the Center can assist you in your challenging situations such as:

– Balancing the needs of every members of your family, including your own
– Exploring what local cultures could bring to you, and to your professional future
– Keeping perspectives on your life here and how it might fit in a bigger frame
– Designing working and communication strategies to adapt to the local business culture
– Reflecting on our perception of living a multi-cultural life and experiencing multiple identities
– Preparing yourself and your family to relocation or repatriation.

We encourage you to check the current activities program or to contact us about customized individual/small group programs for accompanying family members and corporate professionals.

Programs & Workshops

Each semester the center offers a broad selection of over fifty classes and tours. Among Chinese classes, discovery tours and more, we offer workshops specially designed to assist newcomers and international nomad families in their transition. We encourage you to take advantage of those workshops and check the current program in order not to miss one of those unique and usual workshops. Among many more, we also usually schedule the following:

– Kick-start your stay in Taiwan: This newcomers workshop is a fast-paced introduction to living in Taiwan and what you need to know to help smooth the way you settle in your new live.

– Getting the Most Out of Your Overseas Experience/A Workshop for Expatriate Spouse: This fun and productive workshop will give you the chance to assess how things are going for you and your family. Explore how you can make your stay in Taiwan an enriching experience and how to use your Taiwan journey to contribute meaningfully to your future life.

– Farewell Taiwan/A Workshop to Help You Relocate or Repatriate: During this interactive workshop, you will have the chance to assess the various dimensions of your departure, properly bid farewell to Taiwan, and develop a strategy to help you transition to your new home and life.

In addition to the semester activities program we provides on demand customized individual programs for Accompanying family members and corporate professionals.


  • Expatriate managers to identity and develop efficient communication strategies to build constructive relationships with local team in order to manage projects successfully. (Cross-cultural management program)
  • International Teachers to accelerate their understanding of the host culture, moral values, traditional education philosophy, and to facilitate the development of constructive relationships with students, parents and colleagues. (Cross-cultural orientation program)
  • Asian professionals working in multinational companies to adjust with confidence and efficiency to the specificity of their multinational corporate culture, head quarter communication style and cultural diversity. (Cross-cultural communication program)

Cross-Cultural Teams:

  • Multicultural teams in designing strategies to bridge cultural gaps, to improve communication and to align working expectations. (Cross-cultural team building)
  • Asian professionals working in multinational companies to adjust with confidence and efficiency to the specificity of their multinational corporate culture, head quarter communication style and cultural diversity. (Cross-cultural communication program)
  • Local teams working with French products in developing their knowledge of French styles in fashion, beauty, design, wine and fine cuisine. (French “Art de Vivre” program)

Our Expert 

Anne Jacquet – Anne is a certified training consultant specialized in cross-cultural communication. Born and educated in Paris, she graduated in Chinese language and civilization and holds University degrees in history and education.  She acquired extensive knowledge, skills and sensitivity in the field of cross-cultural communication through her cultural immersion in Taiwan as a young student and by living and working in Taiwan and China for the past 20 years.

Over the years, she has developed a broad range of skills through her experience in various positions as training consultant in the corporate sector and education consultant in the International schooling system, always with the aim of assisting Western and Asian professionals in working efficiently across cultures. She is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.

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