Events Coordinator

Events / Auction Coordinator Position

We are looking for a creative, highly organized person to manage and coordinate our events. You will have full artistic license to put your own personal mark on our auction, spring event, and golf tournament. Events are an important fundraising tool at the Center and a key part of our everyday operation.  Interested applicants please send a cover letter and resume to Adam McMillan at

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Work with Director to establish a budget of expenses and expected revenues from auctioned items and ticket sales
  2. Solicit donations of cash and in-kind contributions for auction and for prizes, including donations for wine, beer, and spirits through direct mail, emails and phone calls.
  3. Coordinate thank you letters to donors.
  4. Prior to the auction, enter all details of donors, item and participants into auction database.
  5. Coordinate all preparations for the event with chosen venue, liaison with banquet manager.
  6. Invite and liaison with appropriate people to serve as MC and Auctioneer.
  7. Coordinate ticket sales and table seating.
  8. Prepare program to include schedule of events, acknowledgements, auction procedures, list of silent auction items, list of live auction items, list of door prizes, list of corporate and in-kind donors for the fundraising campaign.
  9. Prepare paddles, silent auction bid forms, delivery slips.
  10. Coordinate set up of facilities the day of the event.
  11. Coordinate procedures for payment and pick up of auctioned items
  12. Coordinate removal of unsold items.
  13. Prepare final expense/revenue figures in coordination with Center accountant.
  14. Prepare final list of donors for inclusion in annual report.
  15. Prepare procedure/policy of sale/removal of unsold items.
  16. Other administrative preparations.