Spotlight on Upcoming Class: A Workshop for Expatriate Spouses

Spotlight on Upcoming Class:
Getting the Most Out of Your Overseas Experience – A Workshop for Expatriate Spouses

Thursdays March 16th and 23rd, 12noon to 2:00pm: REGISTRATION LINK
Instructor & Blog Author: Anne Jacquet, Cross-Cultural Consultant

I have spent the last twenty years of my life as an expatriate spouse, living in both Taiwan and Mainland China. I have met many fellow expatriate spouses, some of whom became dear friends to me. Together we explored our foreign homes and shared many of our feelings, concerns, questions, excitement and sometimes frustration. Often, it has been difficult to balance the needs and perspectives of our families with our own needs. With these experiences and with my training as a Cross-Cultural Consultant, I decided to design a workshop for “accompanying spouses,” who are sometimes referred to as “trailing spouses”.

The reason I prefer to use the term accompanying spouse when I talk about being an expatriate spouse is because the term trailing spouse makes me think of a caravan or small trailer being pulled by a car! Something that has no involvement in choosing the direction in which it goes and no option of any sort, a passive insignificant mobile object. Not a term to describe a person. Expatriate spouses are not passive, they are not without voice and decision potential, and their contribution is very, very, significant. Actually, they deserve many blog entries on how important a role they play and how instrumental they can be in ensuring the success of their family’s time overseas. The purpose of this workshop at the Center is to provide some support and guidance for them.

If you are an accompanying spouse the workshop will offer you a time and space that you can use to dedicate to yourself to reflect on your overseas journey and how this journey is fulfilling your needs. It will be a time when you can share with like-minded peers your experiences, and through exchanging views on what you have lived and still are experiencing you understand further and at a deeper level what is taking place in your life and inside of you. It will be a time to work on and for yourself and to initiate a reflection that you will be able to continue and take further once the workshop has ended. It will be a space of benevolence and confidentiality, where everyone is respected and where there are no judgments.

The workshop will run for two sessions, each of the sessions is two-hours long. It will include a well-balanced mix of discussion, presentation, and coaching activities. It will be a time for serious personal reflection but also fun and dynamic. It will address the general aspects of expatriate life and the specific characteristics of Taiwan and its culture in regards to your current experience. It will be a fantastic opportunity to develop your perspective on your life and on Taiwan.

Please share your comments and let me know about any questions. I hope to see many of you soon.