Girl Scout Leader Needed in Taiwan

Girl Scout Leader Needed for Taiwan

A Letter from Lisa West, current Overseas Committee Chair for the US Girl Scouts Overseas:

    It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as the Overseas Committee Chair for the US Girl Scouts Overseas for the past several years.  I have been blessed to work with wonderful leaders, both female and male, and to be able watch the girls grow in Scouting over the past 13 years here in Taiwan.  Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to guide the Scouts here in Taiwan after this May, as I will be moving back to the United States.  I will miss all  of the friends I have made, both adults and girls, and will have fond memories of my time here. Working with the Girl Scouts has been a rewarding and enriching experience.

My departure is leaving a gap that needs to be filled for Overseas Scouting to continue here in Taiwan.  In order to continue to have Scouting we are required to have someone fill the Overseas Committee Chair position, and to date no one has stepped forward.  We need someone with some organizational skills to lead the adults, to chair the once a month meetings of the Overseas Committee Management Team, someone who is willing to work with the leaders in planning events and coordinating registration, training and all-troop activities, and to communicate with New York.  Ideally the person doing this job should not have a troop to run as well.  (We also need people willing to be registration coordinator, order coordinator and events coordinator, to take some of the burden off of the person being the overseas chair.)  Without someone stepping up, we will not be able to continue to offer Scouting for the girls.  We have had Overseas Girl Scouts in Taiwan since 1958, I would hate to see it end.  We have over 70 girls involved with more interested and waiting to join.  Please don’t let these girls down, step up today to make a difference in their lives.  If think you might be interested in helping out, please email me by May 1st ( and  I will email you a more detailed description.

Thank you so much,

Lisa E. West
Overseas Committee Chair