Nepal Relief Group rebuilding schools in Nepal

Ray Heberer from TAS has organized a trip to Nepal during the CNY vacation to rebuild a 2-room primary school and break ground on a new high school. TAS is donating 25 laptops and the Nepal Relief group will be teaching beginner computer skills to students & teachers.
The campsite is a one hour hike from the trailhead.  The high school is another hour hike further up hill. The Nepal Relief group will camp in tents next to a village with 20 houses (all were destroyed by the earthquake last April).
The primary school has 19 students and one teacher.  It has been fully funded by the 5th Grade Student Council and a group of LS teacher/hiker friends.  It cost only US$6,000.  The Nepal Relief Trip group will finish the new school during CNY!


Nepal school 2
Student body with destroyed school behind them
The high school has 400 students.  They lost all their buildings and currently attend classes in temporary bamboo structures with recycled roofing sheets.
One building costs US$12,000.   The Nepal Relief Trip has collected $10,000 so far ($5K from the 5th Gr. Council and $5K from generous TAS parents).  
The group needs $2,000 more to fully fund this building.  Money has already been wired for foundation construction supplies to be on-site by our arrival.   There will be an official ground-breaking on Feb 9th.
The high school was destroyed
The high school has only ONE laptop for all 20 teachers & 400 students! 
TAS is donating 25 refurbished retired faculty Lenovo laptops with new MS Office software donated by Taiwan Microsoft.  Mr. Sinclair has also been able to obtain two new donated projectors, plus two used TAS projectors for the school.  (One projector will also be donated to the health outpost – that will be a 6 hour round-trip hike to deliver!).  A projector was the HS principal’s main request; he’ll get 2 or 3.
Ray is trying to collect USB’s and storage devices.  His goal is 450 UBS’s; so far he has 128. . .  He wants every Nepalese student (and teacher) to get a USB for the Lunar New Year so they can save their work.
If you can contribute a USB drive or a cash donation it would be appreciated!
The Center has a donation box for the USB drives and cash, we will be collecting through Friday, February 5th.
At TAS donation boxes are located in the Music Office (3c28) and US Math Office (2D13).  You can also leave donations/USB’s with any of the following teachers & administrators who are going on this trip:

Dr. Moran – Assistant Supervisor

Dr. Simeonidis – LS Principal

Mr. or Mrs. Uhlman – US Math

Mr. Simeonidis – US History

Mr. Heberer – Music Dept.