Royal Choice Ltd: Handmade carpets add comfort and color to the Community Services Center’s Auction

This year’s Community Services Center Auction will feature four carpets of hand-knotted silk and lambswool blends from Royal Choice Ltd. Royal Choice has been in Taipei since 1988 and is known for its high-quality imported handmade lambswool and silk carpets. “It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of this noble cause,” said Mr. Saif Sindhu, owner of Royal Choice and longtime supporter of the Center. Mr. Sindhu’s hand-knotted carpets are durable works of art made to last a lifetime. Here he shares his tips for buying an authentic, durable carpet.


The first thing to do when selecting a carpet is to flip it over and check the knots on the back. A hand-knotted carpet will include variations in the knots that machine-production is too uniform to

 create. High-quality rugs will have around 400 to 800 knots per square inch. If the carpet is hand-made, the fringe is tied into the weaving of each knot, whereas “…on machine- made carpets the fringe is just affixed to the end of the carpet,” said Sindhu.


A quality carpet should be regular and even in shape and should not wrinkle, even after being stored. “A well-made, hand-knotted carpet will lay flat on the floor,” said Sindhu. There should be no radical changes in colors, and the colors should not bleed or mix into one another.

Traditional carpet dyes are plant-based, so the colors should be naturally occurring in nature. The pile of the carpet should be evenly clipped. Mr. Sindhu recommends checking the underside of the carpet for signs of repair or damage before buying.


Vacuum regularly in the same direction as the nap – the natural direction the carpet fibers – to avoid damaging the carpet. Use a quality underpad to protect a hand-made carpet from damage and extend its lifespan. Hand-made carpets should be properly cleaned and thoroughly dried before storing. Always roll and never fold! Mr. Sindhu advises buyers to insure their carpets.

The Community Services Center Auction is on Friday, October 25th. All proceeds are used to support the Center’s provision of mental health services to the international community in Taiwan. Buy your tickets at Shop Royal Choice Ltd by appointment: contact Mr. Saif Sindhu at 0937-907-140.

Morgan Loosli is the Center’s communication manager. When she’s not at work, she spends her time taking advantage of Taiwan’s breathtaking outdoor experiences.