The Community Services Center has a very international staff consisting of 4 full time and 22 part-time staff.

Our Counselors:

  • I-Wen Chan
  • Katherine Chang
  • Hui-Shiang Chao
  • Jung Chin
  • Chiao-Feng Chung
  • Cerita Hsu
  • Miranda Lin
  • Emilie Ma
  • Kuang-Shan Wan
  • Lily Yen-Yu Lin
  • Chung Chiao Feng
  • Sofia Vintimilla
  • Ximena Lopez

Our Consultants:

  • Tom Cole
  • Wendy Evans
  • Michael Mullahy
  • Anne Cheng
  • Mary Lagerstrom
  • Sofia Vintimilla

To find out more about our counselors and consultants please see our Counseling Page

For Counseling Inquiries please send an email to our dedicated counseling inquiries email

Centered on Taipei

The Center needs instructors!!

The Center needs your help! If you have a hobby, some bit of knowledge, or are particularly good at something, chances are someone in the international community would be interested in learning from you. Why not share your talents and expertise with the international community through our Programs and Activities. Let us know what activities you would like to see offered and what activities you could teach. Please contact The Center with ideas and suggestions via phone or email.

Telephones: (02) 2836-8134 / 2835-6907