Taiwan CDC announces increase in face mask production

30 January 2020 press release announced an increase in distribution of face masks.

“CECC indicated that in order to reach a rational distribution of face masks in Taiwan, CECC will requisition medical face masks and surgical masks produced by domestic mask manufacturers starting from January 31, approximately 4 million masks every day. These masks will be distributed by CECC to fulfill the needs of livelihood (about 2.6 million masks will be released every day) and of medical treatment or prevention efforts as well as storage (about 1.4 million masks will be released every day) by the government. The masks for the needs of livelihood will be provided in channels, such as convenience stores, beauty stores, drug stores and medical supply stores. With respect to the masks to be released, each person will only be allowed to buy no more than three masks at a time. The policy is set to remain effective until February 15. CECC urged that the healthy public does not need to wear a face mask to allow masks to be purchased by people who have chronic diseases, who need medical attention, who accompany a patient for doctor appointments and the visitor of a patient. CECC reminded that people with respiratory symptoms should wear a face mask; patients with chronic diseases are advised to wear a face mask when going outside; and people in a crowded place without good ventilation are advised to wear a face mask. “