The Center Staycation Holiday Game

Welcome to the first edition of The Center Staycation Holiday Game.

The Center Staycation Holiday Game is for you those of us who will enjoy our Christmas in Taipei. The Staycation Holiday Game will help you find activities to do in the coming holiday, hopefully, you will discover or re-discover the history, culture, and heritage of Taipei while having fun with your family and friends. 

Would you like to explore Taipei City with a fun twist?
Want to complete exciting missions with friends and family and maybe win a price along the way?
Want to learn about locations and hidden gems in Taipei?
Well then… we’ve got you covered!

This event is open to teams of 2-5 people – all ages welcome.

HOW IT WORKS: In the period December 19, 2020 – January 10, 2021, the teams have to complete missions around Taipei. 10-12 missions will be sent to you. The missions will take you around Taipei and can be solved within the above dates – some can be solved the same day… so when you have time.

WHO: The teams can be 2 – 5 people – all ages are welcome. The team must have a name.

You need to buy the ticket and send your team name. On December, 19 you will receive an email with the missions and access to your Goole Drive Folder, where photos must be uploaded. The missions have the clue that will help you find different areas in Taipei. In those areas, you can solve the mission(and maybe more) by taking a photograph of the team, and the location must be clear. There are three actions to do in the area, and earn more points depending on which action you choose(Mission A is always just a photo from the location, clearly showing the location). Extra points can be earned by choosing a higher level action, adding costumes, or getting stamps from different locations.
You can upload the photos to your folder on Google Drive as soon as you have solved a mission. The replies must be uploaded to the Google Drive Folder before January 10, 11:59 pm.

The prizes to be won are:
1st prize: A night at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei  for two including breakfast
2nd prize: NDT$ 500 Vouchers for 紅點桌邊飲 Redpoint Brewing Co. Taproom
3rd prize: Tickets to 度空間-Lazertreks for the team to continue having fun

1 tickets per team: NTD$500.