The Center – testimonial

The Community Services Center is truly an oasis for many of us living overseas. Many of us forget it is there until we need something. Kind of sad to admit but we were very busy and forgot about this wonderful, supportive service common ( as in a town common ). My family has used their counseling services with tremendous success.

Specifically, our marriage was on the brink of falling apart completely. As a mixed culture marriage I felt trapped – how could we possibly find somebody with both English and Chinese language ability with a background in marriage counseling? I didn’t know what to do but reached out to the Center with little confidence of finding anybody who could help us. We had to have a multi-lingual person for counseling to have any effect.

Thankfully, the Center had a counselor. She has been a genuine blessing. Counseling is hard enough, to go back and forth in different languages while moving the relationship to a more positive place is amazing. And, probably most important, is how she moved us into positive territory so quickly. It took work and commitment on our part but the results speak for themselves – we are happily married.

Though we are in Taiwan some of her techniques were very modern. This was unexpected as Asia doesn’t seem the most welcoming place for counseling in the first place, never mind accepting newer counseling techniques. But we tried some of these newer techniques. Some worked, some didn’t as each person is so different. But the fact that we were doing this work surprised me.

We now have follow-up meetings with our counselor where we stay real general. The hard work was completed a year ago and our marriage is in a safe, positive place.

We strongly support the Center’s efforts to raise operating funds and hope many of you who read this letter will do the same. Let’s keep this extraordinary option for families in emotional need operating at the highest level possible.