Spotlight on Auction Item: Mystery Picnic from Willie’s Deli


Mystery Picnic with Lunch from Willie’s Deli and Private Driver

A driver with an Audi convertible will pick you up and whisk you away for a half day outing either in the mountains or by the ocean (your choice). Enjoy the scenic drive outside Taipei and  stop for a gourmet picnic lunch provided by Willie’s Deli before you head back to the city.

Willie’s is a Tianmu favorite but do you know how and why Willie’s opened; and everything they offer to our community? Find out here!

156340_148286705222519_4306122_nIn the late 1970’s, foreign companies began locating factories and offices in Taiwan. With them came their foreign employees and their families who were anxious to find the food and goods to which they were accustomed in their home countries. To fulfill the demand for foreign products, the store, (originally called G&G Delicatessen), was founded in Tianmu.

Initially, goods were imported from Hong Kong, but a lack of variety led to a switch to direct importing from Europe. Today, Willie’s Deli stocks goods from Europe, the USA and all over the world.


Since 1979, freshly baked bread, delivered daily from the Ritz Hotel, Taipei has been a signature item for Willie’s Deli. The Ritz Hotel has European trained bakers with imported ovens and bread making equipment so they can make the finest European style breads including Baguettes, Croissants, Rye, Multigrain, Whole Wheat as well as Puff Pastry. No one else in Taiwan makes bread as good as this. Willie’s Deli sells these delicious breads and also uses them in their fantastic Gourmet Sandwich range.

154993_148287198555803_5505910_nIn addition to selling groceries, Willie’s has seating available to be able to sit in the store and enjoy your goods from the deli. They also have occasional cooking classes.

Bid on the chance to support this great local business at our Annual Auction on October 14th at the Grand Hyatt! You can buy tickets here.