Events Coordinator

Events / Auction Coordinator Position

We are looking for a creative, highly organized events coordinator to manage and coordinate our events and fundraising efforts. You will have full artistic license to put your own personal mark on our events, including our largest fundraiser of the year, the annual auction.  Events are an important fundraising tool at the Center and a key part of our everyday operation.  You will also have the opportunity to expand our digital fundraising portfolio.
Interested applicants please send a cover letter and resume to Grace Ting at


  1. Organizational and Coordination Skills: Must be able to set, prioritize, and meet deadlines; Ensure all detailed parts of the event planning and fundraising process are moving forward; Create new or cultivate current funding networks.
  2. Communication Skills: Must have excellent written and oral communication for donor outreach purposes, creating event promotion material, and liaising with key event stakeholders.
  3. Leadership and Teamwork Skills: Must be able to work with people from various backgrounds and cultures. Proven leadership skills will be beneficial for coordinating a team of part-time employees and volunteers.
  4. Hours: The average workweek is 10 hours per week. However, this position requires flexibility as it averages about +40 hours per week in the weeks leading up to the annual auction in October. You will have the option to work partially from home and at the office.
  5. Computer Skills: Proficient in Google Suite (drive, doc, sheets, calendar, email)


Experience: A minimum of 2 years of progressively responsible experience in event planning, philanthropy, fundraising, customer service, and/or a combination therein.

Language: English – proficiency required in reading, writing, and speaking; Mandarin – reading, writing, speaking are hugely beneficial, but not a requirement.

Work Permit: The Center will assist in obtaining a work permit, but the successful candidate must meet all the requirements to legally obtain a work permit.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Work with the director to establish a budget of expenses and expected revenues from auctioned items and ticket sales.
  2. Manage donor process: Includes expanding the donor base and continuing the donor cycle of cultivation, solicitation and acknowledgement. In preparation for the annual auction, you will solicit donations of cash, in-kind contributions and a wide range of prizes for the annual auction.  This is mainly accomplished through letters, emails, phone calls and in-person meetings.
  3. Work with the IT manager to organize and improve the existing donor database. Prior to the auction, enter or update all details of donors, items, and participants into the auction database.
  4. Coordinate all preparation and set-up for the event with the chosen venue. Frequently liaise with the venue’s event manager.
  5. Invite and liaise with appropriate people to serve as MC,Auctioneer, DJ, Photographer(s), Stage Manager, Head Cashier, etc. 
  6. Coordinate ticket sales and table seating.
  7. Work with Communications Manager to create a communications plan which includes event branding and promotion through social media, website, radio and the Center’s magazine, Centered on Taipei. The Communications plan must also include a program with the schedule of events, donor acknowledgments, lists of silent and live auction items. 
  8. Mobilize and coordinate volunteer groups for event preparation and implementation (e.g. decoration, set up, registration, etc.)
  9. Prepare paddles, silent auction bid forms, delivery slips.
  10. Coordinate set-up of facilities and deliveries on the day of the event.
  11. Coordinate procedures for payment and pick up of auctioned items
  12. Coordinate removal/post-auction sale of unsold items.
  13. Prepare final expense/revenue figures in coordination with the Center accountant.
  14. Prepare a final list of donors for inclusion in the annual report.
  15. Other administrative preparations.

Deadline ASAP