Spotlight on Auction Item: Yili Arts Party & Watercolor Painting (Kristi Thornbury)


Painting Party for 6 Adults  (or young adults) and Taroko Gorge Watercolor Painting

At The Center’s Auction this year we have a watercolor painting by the very talented artist Kristi Thornbury as well as a painting party for 6 adults at her studio, Yili Arts. In this biography we get to hear straight from Kristi about herself, her work and her journey that brought her to Taipei.


I grew up in a rural neighborhood outside of Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada. I have been making Art for as long as I can remember, so it was no surprise that I would choose to focus my studies on, and later teach in, the field of Visual Arts. I earned degrees in Fine Arts and Visual Arts Education from Mount Allison University and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in partnership with Mount St. Vincent University. After teaching for a year at an independent school in Ontario, I moved to Shanghai to teach Visual Arts at the Shanghai American School. My husband and I stayed for eight years and started a family. In 2014, we moved to Taipei. It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill a dream of opening a Fine Art studio, where I currently teach and practice making Art.

yili arts


When you book a private Art Party with Yili Arts, you get a fun and casual atmosphere,
easy to follow instruction, and a unique and memorable experience shared with friends. For more information on the studio, please visit:

Taroko Gorge Painting

(56x76cm Ink and Watercolor on 300gsm Archival paper)

Feeling a deep connection with nature I aim to capture the essence of being in a particular place and the way that place resonates in my memory. Taiwan’s natural beauty provides me with endless inspiration as I explore and connect with our island home. This image is inspired by the lines, colors and movement I experienced while visiting Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Taiwan. The marble striations along sheer cliff walls, pristine and powerful mountain water and the caves and outcroppings along the meandering Shakadang Trail made such a strong and lasting impression. These visual elements are the essence of my experience in this place and the inspiration for the painting entitled Taroko.